Wedding and Coupling Ceremonies

Wedding and Coupling Ceremonies

Your wedding day is one of the most personal and cherished days of your life. Your wedding ceremony should be just as personal. Every aspect of it, from readings to music to symbolism, should reflect you and the bond you share together. To make this day truly your own, rejoice in everything that makes your union unique. Express yourself among family and friends through a personalized ceremony.

Certified Lifecycle Celebrants® officiate at civil, secular, nondenominational, religious, spiritual and multicultural wedding ceremonies for everyone. Your Celebrant will help you create a ceremony that reflects the beliefs and traditions you find important. We believe everyone should have a ceremony that is designed to reflect their own unique view of life and love.

In a Celebrant ceremony, you are empowered. Nothing is imposed on you. Instead, in a collaborative process, the Celebrant will get to know you and will craft words written just for you. They will guide you in choosing rituals, readings, or symbols to fulfill your ideals and vision for your ceremony. No elements are required, and the sky is the limit as to what can be included. No two Celebrant ceremonies are the same.

Certified Lifecycle Celebrants® are here for everyone. A Certified Lifecycle Wedding Celebrant takes the time to get to know you. Every Celebrant trained and certified by the Celebrant Foundation and Institute embraces a statement of ethics and a commitment to ensure that all couples have a positive, supportive experience from the moment you contact us to the day you say "I do". Whatever your gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion or ability, we want to celebrate you as you are. We'll honor you and your relationship. We will embrace your community. We will welcome your story. We will use your pronouns and your words for each other. We will ask rather than assume. We are here for you because we truly believe that diversity is beauty and love is love.

Your Celebrant will guide you and assist you in paying homage to your life's achievements, your wonderful times, and the meaningful relationships of your life, as well as to the most difficult passages you have endured. A Celebrant will help you commemorate your relationship in ways that feel most authentic and natural to you.

Our web site is designed to help you learn more about us and the ceremonies we offer. It will furnish you with materials and resources, answer questions, and help you with your choice of ceremony and Celebrant. And, if you're interested and so inspired, we invite you to join us, and become a Celebrant in your community. There are thousands of Certified Lifecycle Celebrants® throughout the world, of all ages and from all walks of life, who have embraced this most personally fulfilling vocation.

Here are just some ways to make your ceremony unique to you:

Tell your personal story. Story is the hallmark of a Certified Lifecycle Celebrant® ceremony. Share the story of how you met and why you fell in love. Recall and relive the first words you said to each other or your first date. Include some details on what makes you happy, why you connect and your dreams of the future. Story connects. Story transforms. Story makes your ceremony a celebration of love. Your Celebrant has a fun, easy and engaging way to learn about you and reflect your love story in your ceremony.

Interview your family and friends. If you would like, your Celebrant can talk to your loved ones and include their anecdotes, wishes and advice in the body of the ceremony, or not. The choice is always up to you.

Celebrate your heritage or lineage. Working with your Celebrant, you can make a list of your respective ethnic, cultural or religious backgrounds. This is a great place to start to research wedding rituals, poets and music from these traditions and create a distinctive blend of words and symbols. Honor both your backgrounds and the ceremony will reflect your unique partnership. Interfaith and multi-cultural couples can find ways to blend and honor their shared beliefs and their diverse perspectives.

Make it your own. Include elements that are important to you. From pets to family heirlooms, from shells collected on the beach where you got engaged to ticket stubs from the place you went on your first date-there is no limit on ways to personalize your wedding. Make your wedding your own love fest.

Let go of what does not serve you: Your wedding does not have to include words, rituals or boiler plate language, especially if it does not represent your perspectives or beliefs. You do not have to be confined to recreating rituals everyone else has done or seen. Celebrants craft ceremonies from scratch with no agenda, except to represent you and your relationship as authentically as possible.