Tuition and Fees Ceremony

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for your Celebrancy certificate program covers 2 semesters of study. In your first semester, all students start with Fundamentals of Celebrancy. Once completed, you will return in your second semester to study the certification of your choice (Weddings, Funerals, Ceremonies Across the Life-Cycle, or Ceremonies for Healing and Transition). Your tuition covers Fundamentals of Celebrancy and ONE certificate of your choice. We offer 3 tuition plans to meet your needs:

One-Payment (total cost $2,400)
Due upon enrollment, make your payment in full and take advantage of our lowest tuition price.

Two-Payment Plan (total cost $2,450)
You may pay in two equal installments of $1,250 as follows:
$1,225 due upon enrollment
$1,225 due the month before your certificate class commences.

Multi-Monthly (6) Payment Plan (total cost $2,550)
$425.00 due upon enrollment
Five additional payments of $425.00 due on the 15th of each month you are in class.

Additional Fees: Students are required, during the course of study, to arrange and pay all fees for a qualified professional vocal evaluator to assess their public speaking and presentation abilities, most evaluators will do this for about $125.00USD or less. You are not required to purchase any products for the Celebrant Foundation and Institute. The vast majority of study materials are included in tuition and downloadable from the Institute's web site. The Funeral certification course requires the purchase of one book, readily available on as a paperback with a cost of less than $15.00USD.

Grants and Scholarships and Financial Aid
As a 501c3 organization, our programs do not qualify for Federal Tuition Assistance. We are not affiliated with any grant or loan programs and do not offer Financial Aid or Scholarships. We offer liberal payment plans to the best of our ability.