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Military & Veterans Ceremonies

Why Is It Important For Military Families To Have Ceremonies?

Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants in your community perform many kinds of ceremonies for military personnel and their loved ones, including ceremonies to commemorate enlistments, commissioning, promotions, deployments, homecomings, and retirements.

Celebrants conduct dignified and personal funerals and many ceremonies for families including: weddings, commitments, baby namings and welcomings, ceremonies for adoptive families, and ceremonies marking birthdays, graduations, family reunions, recovery, friendship, life transitions, nature-based, animal tributes and more.

Welcoming ceremonies for new family members, whether by birth, adoption or marriage, have existed in virtually every culture and country. For military families, it is not uncommon for babies to be born while the service member is far from home. Publicly marking the entry of children into families once everyone is reunited is perhaps one of the most joyous celebrations military families can share, and acknowledging responsibilities to children is one of the most serious commitments military families can undertake.

Military service is a life-changing commitment that some individuals make, and Celebrants recognize the importance of offering this service to one's country. The various military branches usually mark important milestones of military life with unit ceremonies, and service men and women acknowledge the importance of these ceremonies. Celebrants offer ceremonies designed for individuals and their loved ones so that these milestones can also be celebrated in a more personalized manner.

Military service is a shared experience of the service woman or man and their beloved community. Family and friends often feel overwhelming emotion when their loved one is on deployment. Therefore, taking the opportunity to mark these events in a significant way through ceremony before and after extended absence is important for the health and well being of military service people, their families and their communities.

Ceremonies provide signposts for our lives. Celebrating life's milestones together honors our past, shapes our present and molds our future.

How Are Celebrant Ceremonies Unique?

Your Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant's mission is to create a ceremony that reflects their client's needs, beliefs, cultural background and values. In a Celebrant ceremony, the family is empowered. Instead, in a collaborative process, the Celebrant will guide the military family in choosing rituals, readings, symbols and music to fulfill their ideals. The Celebrant will meet the family at a relaxing interview to discuss the vision of the ceremony, consult with the family until the ceremony meets with approval, and perform the ceremony with care, professionalism and warmth.

Your Celebrant will:

  • Meet with the client at a no-obligation interview to discuss the vision of the ceremony

  • Listen to their client to learn their personal story

  • Consult with their client until the ceremony is just right

  • Rehearse (if necessary) with the client

  • Provide their client with a beautiful keepsake copy of their ceremony

Funerals For Military Personnel And Veterans

The Funeral Celebrant's mission is to create a ceremony that reflects the wishes, beliefs, cultural background and values, religious or non-religious of the deceased service member or veteran and his / her loved ones. The family has complete choice of and final approval over the ceremony. Nothing is imposed, and the ceremony will reflect the wishes of the deceased and the loved ones. A Celebrant funeral honors death and celebrates life.

The Celebrant spends hours creating the ceremony and learning about the deceased in unhurried meetings with designated family and friends. In collaboration with the loved ones, the Celebrant will carefully craft a eulogy and create a ceremony with music, quotes, readings, unique symbols and rituals, including appropriate military honors. No ceremony is delivered unless every detail of the eulogy is checked and approved by the family or friends.

The Celebrant will work with representatives of the service person's branch and / or veterans' groups to insure that accurate and appropriate ritual military honors are included in the ceremony according to the loved ones wishes. Then, with compassion, sincerity and great care, the Celebrant officiates at the ceremony at the funeral home, crematorium, cemetery or memorial location of choice. After the funeral, the Celebrant presents the family with a beautiful copy of the ceremony as a keepsake.

About Celebrants

Celebrants are educated and certified ceremony specialists who have a sound background in the history of ritual, ceremony and traditions in many cultures and religions. Celebrants recognize the unique importance of military service in the lives of service men and women and their loved ones.

Celebrants have been drawn to this work by a strong realization that every life has meaning and deserves to be celebrated and celebrated well. All are convinced that funerals and memorials in particular, can be a valuable source of healing. Nothing can take away the grief, but a genuine, well-prepared tribute may ease the pain.

Who Should Choose A Celebrant?

Anyone and everyone! Whether you are secular, religious, spiritual, nondenominational, part of an interfaith or multicultural couple, or if you simply wish to express yourself in a manner of your own choosing, a Celebrant can help you create a ceremony that respects all that is meaningful to you.

Our Client Family Endorsements For Ceremonies:

"We wanted to thank you so much for all of the time you spent designing the perfect wedding ceremony for us. When we first started planning, we had no idea that we would end up with a personalized, beautiful ceremony." ~ Bobby & Chris

"EVERYONE commented on how personal and different our wedding ceremony was. It was so amazing and perfect." ~ Lauren & Dane

"Words could never express our gratitude for all the magnificence that you contributed to our daughter's naming ceremony. We deeply appreciate the hard work, creativity, commitment and LOVE that you demonstrated to our family in helping to make the day truly special." ~ Parents, reflecting on their daughter's naming ceremony

"We are so thankful to the Celebrant Foundation. The funeral ceremony for our dad truly celebrated his life, our family history and paid tribute to his military service in WWII, including his being awarded and decorated with the Purple Heart Badge of Military Merit." ~ Sisters Deborah & Denise