Faculty - Shae Uisna

Shae Uisna
TEACHES: Funerals, Ceremonies Across the Lifecycleand and Healing and Transition

Shae Uisna is a celebrant, artist, leader, teacher, performer and lifelong student of comparative mythology and puppet & mask traditions. In 2008, Shae received her certification in ceremonial studies, with specializations in funerals and ceremonies for children and families. Shae facilitates a Death Café in North Portland, Oregon, founded the "Motherless Mother's Day Celebration" and is passionate about the development of ceremonies that previously did not exist, but for which there is a real need in our world. In 2009, Shae received her Master of Arts degree in Theatre from Portland State University with an emphasis in directing and design. In her work as a theater artist, she draws from a wealth of imagery and traditions, weaving archetype, movement and music into unique classes and performances that are both moving and transformative.

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