Celebrant Donations


Dear Friends and Supporters of the Celebrant Foundation & Institute,

On behalf of our non for profits Board of Trustees, Directors, Faculty and Staff we wish you well. As you may know, the Celebrant Foundation & Institute (CF&I) is dedicated to educating and certifying Life-Cycle Celebrants to create and officiate at personalized and relevant ceremonies which serve the growing needs of a changing and evolving society and also to promoting freedom of choice in ceremonies.

Celebrants officiated ceremonies are designed to meet life's seminal and transitional moments by focusing on personal story, cultural traditions, language, rituals, symbolism and structure. Through the diversity of our certified Life-Cycle Celebrants both national and international, the Institute offers a robust vision and array of voices.

We are so proud to have taught and certified over 1000 Celebrants and now officiate at nearly 50,000 ceremonies annually. We feel the strength of our burgeoning movement grow with every funeral, wedding or other life passage, confident in the knowledge that everyone can benefit from their own, personalized and meaningful ceremony.

We ask that you be a part of this social change and to help us keep the Celebrant Foundation & Institute strong so that one day, everyone can live in a world in which our life choices are honored through a dignified and authentic ceremony.


Why we need your support

The Celebrant Foundation & Institute is a not-for-profit organization, relying on donations from friends, family and foundations to help us not only survive but thrive. In the words of Thomas Carlyle, the 18th century historian, "It is a mathematical fact that the casting of this pebble from my hand alters the center of gravity of the universe."

Please help us bring positive change to our world through Celebrant Power.