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Celebrant Foundation & Institute Teleconference Series

Thank you for your keen interest in our CF&I teleconference audio interviews of important Celebrants and members of our world community hosted by Charlotte Eulette CF&I's International Director.

Please scroll down to choose the interview you wish to hear, click on the link to download or stream the audio and enjoy! The Celebrant audio files are formatted in MP3.

These audio recordings are a part of the Celebrant Foundation Conference Series we offer up with great joy to our Celebrant alums and guest visitors as an expression of the Celebrant Foundation & Institute's generous spirit to encourage us all to share and learn from one another.

Celebrant Audio Files All files are formatted in MP3 Please use the following browsers: Internet explorer" for PC's Safari for MAC (Firefox and Chrome may not work correctly).

  1. Celebrant Kateyanne Unullilsi interview with parents whose baby died 12/14/15
  2. Celebrant-Same Gender Wedding Practice - Celebrant April Beer Nov 2013
  3. Celebrant Funeral Network Meeting 10/19 CNS
  4. Joanie Eisinger - Art of Balance Healing & Intuition
  5. Interview with Savvy Celebrant Dorry Bless
  6. Mark Dann Compassionate Choices Dying w/Dignity Interview 9/13
  7. Interview with Savvy Celebrant Elizabeth Phaire
  8. Prelude to Deepening Connection
  9. Interview with Celebrant Dorry Bless & Charlotte Eulette
  10. Celebrant Hospice Marketing w/Penny Carter
  11. 2013.07.09 Dally Messenger III Originator of the Celebrant Movement
  12. Celebrant_Assoc_Marketing TipsWebsite_offer 6_18_13
  13. Celebrant Funeral Committee 5.6.13 Teleconference
  14. Interview with Jon Underwood of the Death Cafe
  15. Interview with Sarah York, author of "Remembering Well"
  16. April Beer chairperson_Celebrant_Wedding
  17. Celebrant Croning Ceremony with Denise
  18. Celebrant Guerilla Market Com
  19. Celebrant LGBT Outreach Committee Meet
  20. Celebrant Nature Based Animal Committ
  21. Celebrant Wedding Trailblazing Outreach
  22. Funeral Committee Call
  23. Gerry Fierst Wedding Celebrant Teleconference
  24. Howard Spierer MDI Mens Rituals
  25. Jane Hughes Gignoux Regina L Lewis
  26. KathrynHam founder Gay Weddings
  27. Mike Shapiro ArtVows Com Personalizat