Thank you for your interest in becoming a Celebrant!

The Celebrant Foundation & Institute is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to training North American Celebrants and to promoting the use of ceremony to mark the milestones and transitions in the lives of individuals, families, communities and organizations.

Celebrants officiate at all types of life event ceremonies, for babies and adoptions, coming of age, marriages , commitment ceremonies, funerals and memorials. Celebrants also develop ceremonies to enrich daily life, and for community, corporate and civic events.

Celebrants are professional officiants who create personalized ceremonies to meet their clients needs. The ideal of Celebrancy is that the client's beliefs and values are paramount, and that the beliefs of the Celebrant are immaterial in the process of ceremony creation. As a Celebrant, you will collaborate with your clients to help them realize their vision for their day, giving them final approval over the ceremony script. No two Celebrant ceremonies are alike.

The opportunities to use ceremony to create connections among neighbors and families, and for healing and celebration, are as varied as are our Celebrants. learn more.

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